Think of Us as Your Virtual Marketing Group

About the Business of Being in Business

Steve Watt is the driving force behind the business bringing over 30 years experience delivering creatively produced marketing communications and promotions. After graduating university and working several years as a technical writer in the corporate world, he realized there has to be more. And that, ladies and gentleman, is where the journey begins. He set sights on the creative world and made the switch to small business. And after building valuable experience, it was time to follow his entrepreneurial drive and pursue his passion on his own terms. Cue the start of Bright Light Communications.

Steve and his team of creative experts deliver results. He possesses a thorough understanding of the big-picture process successfully delivering an assortment of unique solutions in the areas of branding, marketing communications, event marketing, sales development, advertising, print production, website development, social media and video. It's his passion for what he does and his entrepreneurial spirit that drives the business.

Need a marketing consultant to help strategize, create and deliver? We can do it. Need an experienced communication's expert to act as your marketing department? We can do it. Need to promote your brand and increase awareness at an event? We can do it.

Discover what a little passion can do for your communications and contact us today.